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Your bridge between technology and law

Do you recognize yourself in any of the following?

  • You develop and sell software, systems or products containing software, and you cannot be certain that all the software is 100% yours (and who can, these days)?
  • You process personal data on your computer for professional purposes (and who doesn't, these days) - meaning that you have to pay attention to data protection?
  • You develop, or purchase, hi-tech products or systems (possibly in the transport sector), and you have entered into contracts with another party for this development?

Software licensing

We assist in ensuring compliance with all licensing conditions applicable to any software you use or include in your own products. We also assist in choosing a proper licensing model for your own software, and wriring the corresponding license documents.


We provide help and advice regarding compliance with all European privacy rules and regulations. We can also fulfill the role of Data Protection Officer.


We can help with all contractual phases: negotation (including writing a contract), execution, closure, and disputes.

We speak the languages of engineers and lawyers

Uw brug tussen techniek en recht

Those persons and organisations actually involved in these scenarios on the one hand, and lawyers or legal advisers on the other hand, do not "speak the same language". Also, many legally-trained persons do not understand the technical aspects of a conflict or a legal problem. And that is where we are different: we bridge the gap between technology and law.


This unique ability of Adviesbureau Beckmann is due to the education and work experience of the company's founder Dr. Martin Beckmann LLM: on the one hand, he has significant work experience as an engineer and manager, and on the other hand, he has training and work experience as a legal expert and Contract Manager. Much of this experience was gained working in various transport sectors (aviation, rail), general software development and IT management. For more information, please feel free to contact us!

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