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Many hi-tech companies process sensitive data falling under privacy laws and regulations, or develop products and regulations that are used for such data processing.  At the same time, the legal framework applicable to privacy is changing rapidly, both on a national level and within the European Union. Both the requirements placed on data processing, and the sanctions imposed on non-compliance, are increasing significantly. It is therefore paramount for companies and engineers involved in processing of sensitive data, to have access to solid advice regarding the applicable laws and regulations.

Companies who find themselves in such a situation, can contact us for the following:

  • Support in determining compliance with applicable privacy laws and regulations and finding non-compliances.
  • Support in solving compliance problems and issues, while advising on both the technical and legal aspects of solutions.
  • Outsourcing of all GDPR-related documentation requirements to us.  We have a cloud-based online system to manage all GDPR-related documentation.
  • Support and legal representation in proceedings related to privacy (*).

Companies processing special categories of personal data like health data must appoint a Data Protection Office. We are TÜV-certified to provide these services, and with our technical and legal knowledge and expertise we are ideally placed to do so.

(*) Legal representation services as attorney (in Belgium) planned to start 1st quarter 2023.

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