Our Mission

Legal advice regarding software development, privacy and software licensing

If you develop or use software and have licensing compliance questions or issues, then we can help. We also help with compliance issues regarding European privacy laws, and with contracts.

We save you money

The issues and questions described above have two important aspects in common: they involve both technology and law, and resulting legal problems are often very expensive. Just imagine that one of your engineers accidentally included Open Source software in your product without paying proper attention to licensing conditions: the resulting legal mess can become very expensive very quickly, and you may be forced to publish your own source code - exposing your company's know-how to the world. Or imagine that your Human Resources software is not properly set up and you run afoul of privacy laws: penalties can be stiff even today, and with the coming EU Privacy Regulation they can reach levels that will seriously cripple your business. And what about those penalty clauses and unpaid extra work in contracts?

By providing you with sound and pragmatic legal advice, we can help you avoid these pitfalls, saving you a lot of money and headaches. Feel free to contact us to find out more!

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