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Open Source related links

There have been several lawsuits related to Open Source.  Here are some of the pivotal ones, from different jurisdictions:

  • Busybox vs Monsoon: violation of the GNU General Public License.
  • Jacobsen vs Katzer: confirmation that Open Source license conditions are enforcable.
  • FSF vs Cisco: confirmation of the obligation to provide source code under the GNU General Public License.
  • Versata vs Ameriprise: commercial enforcement of Open Source licensing conditions, and a good example of the high cost of non-compliance.
  • Harald Welte vs D-Link: confirmation that the GNU General Public License is enforcable. This link also contains a list of other, related Open Source lawsuits.
  • Christoph Hellwig vs VMware: suit has been filed; no verdict.

Privacy related links

The main page of the proposed new EU Regulation on data protection can be found here. The latest official version of the text itself can be found here.

If you run a business in Germany, you need to pay attention to the obligation to have a Data Protection Officer (unless you are a really small company).

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